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2002 - 2003 Season

All games played on a Thursday unless indicated otherwise 
Date  Day   Opponents H/A Venue Result For Against
16-Aug-02 F Int EMI BEES (WELLS) H Trethomas Legion Won 307 282
05-Sep-02   Lge CHUNKS H Llanbradach Social Won 281 253
12-Sep-02   Lge DOORKNOCKERS A Llandaff North Rugby Club Won 300 278
19-Sep-02   Lge LLANHARAN LEGION H Llanbradach Social Lost 273 303
  W Cup ANEURIN LABOUR 'B' H Llanbradach Social  Won  267  245
27-Sep-02 F Lge PINEAPPLE DOUGHNUTS A The Pineapple, Llandaff North  Won  266  260
03-Oct-02   Lge T.A. MUGS H Llanbradach Social  Lost  263  268
10-Oct-02   Lge TOBY JUGS A Aneurin Labour Club, Penyrheol  Drew  251  251
17-Oct-02   Lge MALSTERS WANDERERS H Llanbradach Social  Won 274   251
23-Oct-02 W Lge JET SET A Caerphilly Municipal Club  Won  266 265 
31-Oct-02   Lge CAERPHILLY SOCIAL BEES H Llanbradach Social  Lost  269  293
 07-Nov-02    Lge  MODERNAIRES  A  Malsters Arms, Whitchurch  Lost  243  282
11-Nov-02  M Cup NORTH BOYS A The Albany  Won  261  256
14-Nov-02   Lge ROBBERS H Llanbradach Social  Won  265  246
21-Nov-02   Lge BYE          
28-Nov-02   Lge BUFFALOES A R.A.O.B. Club, Abertridwr  Lost  321  322
05-Dec-02   Lge PLOUGH ACES H Llanbradach Social  Won  268  267
13-Dec-02 F Lge NOVICES A Trethomas British Legion  Won  292  277
19-Dec-02   Lge CLOWNS H Llanbradach Social  Lost  264  287
02-Jan-03    Cup  BISONS


 Llanbradach Social  Won  283  276
09-Jan-03   Lge CHUNKS A The Three Arches  Lost  286  303
16-Jan-03   Lge DOORKNOCKERS H Llanbradach Social  Lost  269  295
24-Jan-03 F Lge LLANHARAN LEGION A Llanharan Rugby Club  Lost  277  286
30-Jan-03   Lge PINEAPPLE DOUGHNUTS H Llanbradach Social  Postponed    
 06-Feb-03   Lge  T.A. MUGS  A  Birchgrove Hotel  Won  310  290
 10-Feb-03   Cup MALSTERS WANDERERS A Malsters, Whithchurch  Lost  296  302
13-Feb-03   Lge TOBY JUGS H Llanbradach Social  Won  265  233
21-Feb-03 F Lge MALSTERS WANDERERS A Malsters Arms, Whitchurch  Postponed    
27-Feb-03   Lge JET SET H Llanbradach Social  Won  255  245
06-Mar-03   Lge CAERPHILLY SOCIAL BEES A Caerphilly Social Club  Won  295  294
13-Mar-03   Lge MODERNAIRES H Llanbradach Social  Lost  246  298
20-Mar-03   Lge ROBBERS A Butchers Arms, Rhiwbina  Postponed    
27-Mar-03   Lge PINEAPPLE DOUGHNUTS H Llanbradach Social      
 03-Apr-03    Lge  BUFFALOES  H  Llanbradach Social      
10-Apr-03   Cup MALSTERS WANDERERS A Malsters Arms, Whitchurch      
11-Apr-03 F Lge PLOUGH ACES A The Plough, Whitchurch      
16-Apr-03 W Lge Robbers  A

Butchers Arms Rhiwbina

24-Apr-03   Lge NOVICES H Llanbradach Social      
02-May-03  F Lge CLOWNS A Caerphilly Social Club